Your business should be using Instagram

I have a shopping problem. I’ll admit it. It’s only gotten worse since the birth of my daughter. The tiny headbands and leggings, I just can’t stop!!

I purged my email list and unsubscribed from all of the big stores, but little did I know that Instagram would be the end of me. So, while it’s awful for my credit score, it’s amazing for these small businesses who are using this social media trick as an amazing marketing tool.

It started when my friend tagged me in the Instagram page of a hand-made headband shop called “Lemons and Lace” , they have 28,000 Instagram followers! This is a small shop that only sells headbands for moms and babies! The majority of the pictures are from shop-aholic moms like myself who love taking pictures of their little kiddos in the product. The owner is a mom too and she posts pictures of the production, shares her clients pictures and even her messy kitchen covered in material.

Now from there she pairs her headbands with other handmade baby products. Showing off her product with a little baby scarf. She links the maker of the scarf in the picture and now I’m following them. It’s addicting. I love looking at these unique clothing lines. The shop’s website is in the profile and next thing you know I’m buying away just because of this one pictures on Instagram!

Here is the “Scibbi” I just had to buy after I was lured in from the adorable pictures on Instagram. I of course had to take a picture of my equally adorable daughter wearing the scarf-bib thing and it was shared on their site. Shoppers love this! It’s interactive and great marketing.


If you have a product, you need to show it off! Instagram is an amazing tool to pull at the purse strings of all those online shoppers.