Socializer Seal of Approval: TrackShack

Every week, we are featuring small businesses and entrepreneurs who are doing it right! We don’t even have to search the web because these people are right in front of us and we are giving them the “Socializer Seal of Approval”!

This week we pick the Track Shack in Orlando! The little running store is tucked away on Mills Avenue in downtown Orlando but its social media presence is big, bold and great for athletes (and non-athletes like myself) looking for inspiration and running events.

The Twitter feed is constantly updated with weekly group runs and an active back and forth conversation with their followers— most including a virtual pat on the back for a great run. They have 3,500 followers!

If you’re looking for some fitness inspiration, you should “like” their Facebook page and join the conversation. They do a great job of replying to people on their page and it’s a community hot spot for runners.

They also frequently update their Instagram account, providing fitness inspiration through photography.Orlando Track ShackIf you’re a parent looking for something new and fun for your kids, they also offer some great kid running groups. Here’s an adorable picture of my business-partners’ kid taking part.

Orlando Track Shack Orlando Track Shack

She follows them on Twitter to confirm meet times and to get the first word on if an event is rained out.

We’re giving the Track Shack the “Socializer Seal of Approval” for using social media to reach out to their followers and inspire non-athletes like myself to put on your running shoes! The Track Shack has created something that businesses long for and that is a community of people who will pay more to get that kind of one-on-one and connected service. It’s something every small business should strive for.