Socializer Seal of Approval – FLBlogCon

Every week, we are featuring small businesses and entrepreneurs who are doing it right! We don’t even have to search the web because these people are right in front of us and we are giving them the “Socializer Seal of Approval”!

This week, we feature

FLBlogCon is the brainchild of Bess Auer.  She created a valuable network of Central Florida bloggers whose mission is to share best practices, explore new technology & social networks and get more people blogging.

FlBlogCon on Twitter.

FlBlogCon on Twitter.

We have been fortunate to attend a number of FlBlogCon events and each one is inspiring and educational.  It’s one of the great Central Florida based groups that are really using the social space in a smart and engaging way. They have now grown to include twitter chats, “live” internet tv shows and small-niche conferences.

If you are looking to start a blog, get a better understanding of a social media site, or just want to connect with bloggers, this is the place to start.  They have a great online directory of Florida bloggers complete with category search.  They are constantly using twitter and Facebook to engage and educate their followers and they have a way of bringing together some of the best people leading the way in technology.

Another thing we love about FlBlogCon? They are using their social media power for good.  Check out the hashtag #FLBlogging4good on twitter and find out how to get involved to help stock the shelves of one of Central Florida vital non-profits.