Why you should NEVER connect your Facebook and Twitter

Nothing screams unprofessional like a tweet that ends in a “…”

I see it all the time.  Here are a few examples:

Socializer Media | Bad Tweet Example

Another example of a bad tweet that cuts off!

Socializer Media | Bad Tweet Example

Example of a bad tweet!

The offenders (whose identities we’ll protect) have tied Facebook to Twitter.  They send out one update and it goes to both.  Totally saves time, but it’s a BIG mistake.

Look how unprofessional this looks.  This tweet says to me that you are 1) lazy and 2) do not understand the difference in platforms.  If you are a small business, this is one of the worst moves you can make.

Here’s another common problem that literally makes my skin crawl:

This feature is a Facebook function that automatically tweets out pictures when you upload them to Facebook.  When I see this in my timeline, you’re off my followers list.

Socializer Media | Bad Twitter Examples

Facebook can spam followers Twitter timelines.

Aside from looking unprofessional, there are also some serious issues it could bring for businesses.


  1. You Just Don’t Get It

Twitter and Facebook are different.

  • Facebook you can type more words, include videos and photos even schedule posts.
  • Twitter is much more immediate.  You have 140 characters and you can include up to four pictures with a post.

You can post links and even video!

But the audiences are using the two platforms very differently.  This is where you need to use these social media avenues and truly understand how people are using it in order to be effective. Twitter users are hard-core and they know a fake!


2. It’s Anti-Social

So you think you are saving time by not posting to Facebook and Twitter individually.  But you could be missing people who are trying to interact with your business through these sites.

If you aren’t logging into each one you miss the feedback. I’ve seen multiple companies fall into this trap.

  • People reach out to them via Twitter and they ignore, all while continuing pushing out marketing content.!! So instead of being social media “friendly” you just seem rude!
  • Your followers will SNAP – so watch out.  People will unleash a twitter war.  If you don’t care enough to connect with your customers, then just get off social media all together.


3.  It’s Messy

Has this happened to you?  You click on a link on twitter and it takes you to Facebook?  Then you see the full post update (you know, the one that was cut off on twitter?)  Now if you do this from a mobile phone, you end up in a trap.  You click on the link from twitter and my Twitter app will load the Facebook mobile app and Facebook will ask me to login. It’s a mess! Even if I’m logged into Facebook on my mobile browser, and using the app on my phone, I will still be asked to login. It’s all because I’m currently in the Twitter app. Once I’ve logged into Facebook, I’ll be using the Facebook mobile site inside the Twitter app. This is too much work for the people you follow. They’ll simply leave it alone and go on to something else.

Keep it simple!


4.  What’s the point?

If people are connected to you on both Facebook and Twitter, what’s the motivation for them to continue to follow you on both networks?? If you’re blasting out the same content at the same time, it comes off as unauthentic and robotic, which can be a real put-off.