Why “selfies” aren’t just for the Kardashians


Learning the art of a good #selfie.

You may be sick of seeing your teenager staring at themselves in the screen of their phone. You may be sick of the narcissism that is our society and is emulated in everything that involves taking and posting pictures of yourself. But you can’t deny, you’ll never look better than in a picture you take of yourself with a perfectly posed pouty lip.

Now it’s time to take that self-love and use it for your business!!

For a small business, something like the “selfie” can be the best form of free marketing you could ever post your little hashtag on.

For example, I asked a group of women in their 30s to send me a “selfie”. My request was that they make sure their face was well lit and show me something— anything.

Here are some from the brave test group who agreed.


Enjoying a Tito’s Vodka for happy hour!

Learning the art of a good #selfie.

New show at the Goodman Theatre this week!


Fresh designs from Stella and Dot jewelry for summer!


Cup of Joe to start the day! #Starbucks

Now imagine they’re showing off those pretty mugs with your product #awesome #loveit #mynewobsession

The only reason anyone even wants to do a selfie is to say, “I was there!” or to say, “I had great hair and I was there!”

So let them “be there” with your business!

What if it was your new restaurant in the background? Or how about people posting pictures of themselves using your new idea?

It’s a simple way to get great visual images of how your product is really being used and liked by consumers.

A great example is a recent blog event I was invited to. The team asked their guests to use a hashtag when posting pictures of a new menu at a popular chain restaurant. It was powerful and smart! The bloggers posted pictures of themselves eating pasta and posed their breadsticks just right to give a quick dose of #foodporn for their Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook followers.

It was basically free advertising for the restaurant and the bloggers loved it because they got free food and a chance to snap a few pictures of themselves.

Build your brand on social media and then ask your followers to get involved. Get interactive and post a “selfie” of themselves trying your product!! Include social media in your next event by asking all of your guests to take their own pictures. Now you’ll have images to freshen up your website and Twitter feed.

You’ll never look at the “selfie” the same way again. Instead, you’ll pucker up straight to the bank.